The Township of Duiksbraal

Located along the southern coastal road and 15 miles from Heidelgard City, the small township of Duiksbraal is a village like many others in Heidelgard itself. It’s urban population numbers about 450 at the last Taxation Census 6 years ago, but after the events of the Headless Horseman it is now down to just over 325, though there are also 4 farms located within the 5 square mile boundary. There is also a small Tin mine fell into disuse over 80 years previously, and 3 working fishing boats from the modest wharf located along Tomasz’s Trail half a mile west from the village. There is still a great deal of forestry in this area like much of Heidelgard, the only cleared lands being that of the farmers for their fields.

The village itself has a main street that runs through it north to south, rarely being more than a mile from the sea and often much closer. There are a number of businesses and commercial concerns, along with the Town Hall where the local Bailiff acts as lawman and one of the town officials, the other 2 being the Mayer and the local Clergyman. The businesses and a brief description are as follows;

The Speckled Hen

A modest travellers inn, this 2 storied building is thatched (like many other buildings) and has a small stable adjacent, just large enough for 4 horses and a wagon or carriage if needed. It is owned and run by the jovial Largo Dijkstra, aided by his wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters. It has 6 double rooms available, though the common room is comfortable and the large fireplace keeps it warm enough to nod off in agreeably.

The Seven Crowns

A tavern, this is the sole dedicated drinking establishment in the township and is owned and run by Tydo Straahn, a pinch faced widower. The locals who don’t drink in the Hen drink here, and there is a mostly friendly rivalry between the 2 establishments, fuelled by the Calidball teams each fields. The beer is actually quite good, and compares favourably with that of the Hen. Tydo lost his daughter to the evils of the Headless Horseman, and has withdrawn into his shell, leaving the running of the tavern to an underling.

Megg’s Mill

A mill powered by a waterwheel at the riverside, this is the main source of flour and milled goods in the area, run by Megg’s grandson, the one who survived the Headless Horseman.

Verlands Timber

A timber merchants on the outskirts of town, upriver from the Mill, this waterpowered timbermill provides the wood requirements for the village and indeed the surrounding area. It is run by Ludwig Verland, the dubious brother in law of the late and former Bailiff Kres Megruun.

The Church

The solitary church of the village, this decent sized and classically formed church has stood here for over 250 years (the last burnt down) and is currently unministered due to the death of Reverend-Brother Kerman Vibiutz, a Heart clergyman. If a replacement is coming, it’s taking its time.

Jozufs Bakery

A small busy bakery, Jozuf Mykstril is a short balding fellow who keeps the village supplied with baked goods.

Timmus’ General Goods

The affable Rayell Timmus runs and owns the General Goods store and provides for everything not covered by other businesses or passing tinkers. She looks like an old pleasant granny and trades like a cut-throat.

The Wharf

A wharf with good sheltered berthing for the 3 dogger style fishing boats run by the families of the Kretschmann “Clan”, this little enclave for want of a better word, is about half a mile west of the village proper and right on the coast where the Tanzell River flows into the sea. The fisher-folk are a group of 3 families, 2 surnamed Kretschmann and one with the surname Saltax; they are happy to remain apart from the villagers, something that the villagers reciprocate, and only the mutual trade in goods between the 2 is normally the only meeting between them. The Kretschmanns have been in these parts fishing for as long as anyone can remember, and hail from a long line of seafarers. In fact it is reputed (by scurrilous gossip of course) that Kronj Saltax, an Amarkachan emigre (who married Talia Kretschmann) is a former Sea Reaver. Certainly, he is a towering fellow with a surly temper, and his children (of which there are 6, 2 daughters and 4 sons) are all equally surly if not quite so large.

The Hunting Manor

Located in the nearby forestry is the 2 storied Hunting manor, the seasonal home of the Lord when at residence. Its condition could be better as it is maintained at a low level and it sits nearby the river, surrounded by trees.

The general history of the town goes back hundreds of years, to the early years after the Cataclysm. It’s changed hands a number of times, but the owner of the land it sits on claims the rent of all who dwell here (folks may own buildings and dwellings, but the land they are on is owned by the Vennikur, a gentry/minor noble title tied directly to the land (abbreviated to ven as a mid name honorific). Lord Korsin Maas was the most recent Vennikur, but the title was given up by him when it was revealed that his grandfather had achieved the title and lands by dishonest dealings (and worse if rumours be believed).

The Township of Duiksbraal

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