The Isle of Kellestine

Once known only to a few sages and magicians before the Cataclysm that tore Accitaine from the world, the Isle of Kellestine was the home and property of a Wizard, one Kellestine Metella; she was supposedly a mysterious foreigner hailing from a land called Bessengir far to the south. She made her home on an Isle that measured 4 miles by 7 miles and apart from a gathering of servants, guards and followers lived alone with little interest in the outside world. A formidably powerful and gifted Arcanist, she disappeared from what little public knowledge remained of her in the years following the Cataclysm, with a small Society expedition sent out to check some half leads on her in the Interregnum period (the first 100 years or so following the Cataclysm); they returned with no sign of her and indeed reported that her entire Isle had vanished, though exact map records had been sketchy from the start. The general assumption of the Society was that in the tumultuous waves and storms that followed the Cataclysm, the Isle had been claimed by the waters and sunk beneath the sea (praise Korvaio sic).

In its time, what is known is that the Isle was home to many treasures and wonders including Kellestines 3 signature items, namely her Ring (reputed to be a Ring of Regeneration and Protection), her Staff and lastly the most powerful, something called the Orb of Dragons. Now, even this little information is lost to almost all people, and the Isle of Kellestine remains a lost myth.

In fact the Isle is more or less in the same area as it was before, but due to a bizarre confluence of magical ley lines, active magics and experiments kellestine had ongoing at the time of the Cataclysm and other factors, the Isle first broke free of its bedrock and then floated straight up into the sky, eventually settling into a height of exactly 8888 feet. This development staggered and then impressed Kellestine, who then spent the next 30 years working out what happened before her followers unfortunately tried to overthrow her in a mutiny led by her most prominent apprentice Comatko, which resulted in the deaths of almost all of her “citizens”, though her traitorous apprentice fled with many of her lesser items.

His last act before he fled was secretly to use dark magics to infect Kellestine with a plague that would slowly and inexorably kill her whilst driving her mad, and she breathed her last 10 years after, slain as a mercy killing by her last faithful servant and lover Tisiphoni Bissara before the madness took her completely. Tisiphoni remained for a while but ultimately died, though unknown to her a contingency spell was enacted upon her death that transferred her consciousness into a unique Clockwork form, for Tisiphoni was beloved of Kellestine who was functionally immortal (though not invulnerable as it turned out). The Isle has sat since then, though not quite empty, for in her time she used golems, and she was a master of Clockwork constructs, making them to aid her in all her endeavours. Undead raised by her traitorous apprentice still linger as do a number of traps and other dangers including summoned Fiends.

The Isle now

Over time as the magics settled and became permanent the Isle’s mass has shrunk with drop off of extraneous mass and as a result of the civil war. Now it measures a solid 2 miles by 3 miles, but no more parts will fall off and it is now set as that size, largely due to the centring of magical energies on the Palace of Steel-Blossoming, the main structure of the island and where Kellestine made her main home. A great number of small rocks, stones and boulders circle the Isle, all bar one are too small to be more than a flight hazard. The largest of these is a chunk of the island that has broken free and now orbits the main landmass at a distance of 800 feet.

The “Moon” Isle is a 400 by 300 foot area with a depth of about 250 feet, and whilst the height may vary, it goes between 200 and 500 feet above the main Isle. Much of the main Island is now forested as time has passed, with the ruins of the old villages and the small town of Forge now over-run with vegetation. The highest point of the Isle is the Hill of the Observatory, which rises to a height of almost 600 feet above the surrounding terrain with steep sides on the north, east and west sides, and a long low slope to the south. On the summit of hill is an “observatory”, allowing a commanding view of the sky and the surrounds.

Within the structure are 10 Decanters of Endless Water, all on permanent Geyser command, and the unending torrent of water that comes from within the building fills the Lake next to the Palace and also the rivers and underground waterways that filter the water out to the rest of the Isle, including the 7 Falls if the Isle.

1:The Palace of Steel-Blossoming
Measuring over a great area in the centre of the landmass lies the capital of Kellestines Isle, an ornate and spired building in the fashion of the Bessengir style. It was her home, her laboratories and is the main entrance point to the underneath of the Isle where the Forges are located. It had many libraries, repositories and was a functioning Palace with many servants and guards. It extends deep into the Island subsurface and is where her great forges and stores are located.

2:The Hill of the Observatory
This edifice is a great broad and practical building, domed as is the style of Bessengir but also with a tall thin tower on its west wing, rising 300 feet high and 50 feet in diameter. Inside is a fantastic Observatory with complex mechanical, clockwork and magical apparatus that currently lies still. Here is where research into the heavens went on, including the 2 moons that were in the sky. Weather magic was practised here and the great tower was a personal retreat that Kellestine liked to use to have peace. Summoning and conjuration magic was used here, often in the tower as it was deemed safer to keep it away from the more settled areas of the island. Here, in the tower itself is where Kyssamon and his summoning circle were located.

3: The Dead Fens
Once the small village of Taddium, this place was the site of an appalling act of murder and ill judgement by Comatko, where he lost control of a Summoning for Undead and ended up killing the hundreds of people who lived here; now it is a shell of a village, a Great Haunt with ground turned rotten by water and the filth of Undeath. It is laired by Ghouls, Ghasts and other corporeal and also Incorporeal Undead, but they seem to be lost within the Haunt and show little interest in leaving their grim environs.

4: The Ruins of Forge

Once a township of almost 1000 people, this is now a ruin, overgrown with greenery and occasional monsters from the Menagery. Some Undead are here, including some rogue summoned outsiders, but it is a quiet place for the most part, eery and abandoned.

5: The Greenhouse

Where tropical and hard to grow plants were cultivated, this place is now a shell of toughened glass, overgrown with many tropical and dangerous plants, including huge flytraps and other threats.

6: The Summer Palace

An ornate and fanciful place once, this was where Kellestine and Tisi would retire when in need of a break and it had idyllic gardens, fountains and the like. In the latter parts of the war, Comatko managed to wrest control of the place and make it his forward base of operations before being soundly beaten. Here is where Mallad’Fal was located, and his servitor Demons and others congregated.

7: The Lake

A huge lake, provider of water and as the water is constantly replenished by the Decanters, it is clear and fresh. It is about 20 feet deep and cunningly designed so that water flows out easily to its desired flowplans.

8: The 7 Falls of the Isle

The water endlessly produced from the Decanters and the Lake flow across the Isle and ultimately pour over the sides of the Isle in a number of magnificent waterfalls, with the exception of the Falls at the Dead Fens which fall as black water.

9: The Menagery

Here was where Kelelstine kept a plethora of beasts both magical and mundane, for study purpose as well as for curiosity. Some still dwell here, though all are freed and many have moved to other parts of the Isle; they have amongst their number Amphisbaena, Cockatrice, a Death Worm, a particularly nasty Hydra called Mr Snappy, Owlbears and also numerous wolves, bears, great cats and other creatures. A number of wild herbivores like sheep, goats and deer inhabit the Isle and seem to be populous enough that they keep the carnivores fed.

The Moon Isle

The Moon Isle was once part of the Western part of the Isle, close to the Greenhouse. On its terrain was a small farm and cluster of dwellings, including another smaller greenhouse. It was home to a single man, an Alchemist by trade who arrived 10 years before the Comatko Revolt. The man was allowed to stay on the Isle as a guest of Kellestine, in return he aided her with research and advice. He calls himself Seren, but there is a distinct possibility he may in fact be Laeo Tannhauser, the First Alchemist and Founder of Kaastig University.

The Isle of Kellestine

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