To the north on the continent of Accitaine lies the wild and vast expanse of Amarkacha, a region of stark and dangerous beauty, over run by dangerous and ferocious barbarians and even more dangerous and ferocious creatures and weather patterns. The Society, love for Korvaio or indeed modern civilization finds no purchase here, and indeed any who try or have tried to being such things to this unforgiving land and its uncompromising people have met with great and painful disappointment at the very least, and great and painful death at worse.

When the cataclysm struck and all was in upheaval, the response of the tribesfolk in Amarkacha as was led them to embrace the natural world and animism as their own path to salvation and happiness, and over subsequent years they abandoned technological advancement and Korvaio, embracing a life of struggle and purity (as they see it) alongside and amongst the natural world. When the Society tried to enforce its new paradigm in the first decades since the cataclysm against the Amarkachan tribes, they were taken aback and horrified by the level of violent resistance the tribes and their Druidic and Oracular elders inflicted upon the chosen of Korvaio. The crusades that followed over the next 200 years (on and off) were appallingly bloody and futile wastes of life and materiel, as the tribesfolk were almost unbeatable within their own territory, and merciless to captives and opponents. Indeed, woodcut picture and eyewitness accounts of the capabilities of the Elders and warriors of the Amarkachans from these early accounts make for grim and unhappy reading within history books.

Since those days, there is still the occasional raid or so called crusade launched from Toralden and very infrequently Schwereinn (the former oft inspired by their warlike rulers or the Society, the latter as reprisals for raids), but little comes of these except a new crop of horror tales and stories to scare and frighten children.

Life within Amarkacha is harsh, with its looming mountains and crags, dense primeval forests and treacherous fens and marshland, but this breeds an exceptional person, and one who survives to adulthood in this land is a dangerous and hard survivor indeed.

There is no central government and many tribes, all lead by Druids, Oracles, Witches and worse, and if to be believed, Planetouched as well. The powers and abilities of the Elders are infamous and oft used by the Society as examples of what happens when people are allowed to traffic with unknowable and malign forces. Ethnically, the Amarkachan is sharp and hard featured, and by natural selection strong and vital. Their black hair and dark eyes, and their weatherbeaten skin mark them in any group of people, even before the tattoos and tribal marks that many wear as they gain adulthood. They follow a form of Animism and revere nature, believing that shackling the world with roads and bridges weakens and demeans them all, and will bring about the end of the world. They dub the civilized lands and its peoples to the south as “The Soul Killers”, believing them to be killing the soul of humanity as well as the soul of the world about them.

The makeup of the tribes and clans who populate the Amarkachan lands and islands vary enormously, with fearsome sea reaving pirates, frightening mountain clans who supposedly use Linnorms as a superweapon and even rumours of entire clans and tribes comprised of lycanthropes being amongst a fraction of what can be found within.

Little is known of what passes for entertainment or culture amongst them, but it is known that to a man, woman and child they fear no death or privation, endure hardship with a snarling grin and despise all not of their lands. The only of the civilized they respect are the Schwereinnin, and even then that extends to a clean death with no torture for the captured; all others can expect a very painful and grim end, likely terminating in human sacrifice.

Their weapons number swords, axes, spears, bows and suchlike weapons, preferring light armours that make little sound and do not impede a warrior or hunters skills as they work. They have metal working and on the coasts and in the islands shipbuilding though in few ways can they be regarded as anything other than barbarians.

The flora and fauna is the most dangerous in all of Accitaine, with the tales of the monstrous Linnorms (dragons) at the top of the list of rumoured horrors, and various beasts and monsters below that barely making for any better reading, and all creatures found within are significantly more dangerous and optimised for survival than any comparable species in the rest of the lands.

What is suspected by the Society and civilization at large is that Planetouched and Innate Arcanists, even the rare Oracle or Druid from the civiized lands, sometimes make their way into Amarkacha, and apparently are welcomed and accepted, though the truth of this is little known; proof again about how the cause of the Society is just and indeed the only way (or so it is said by the Society).


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