The preparation for Duiksbraal

In which the heroes put a few matters in order and have some useful conversations

The party’s reaction to their now being part of the Societys hatchetmen the Eye (albeit temporarily) is understandably muted, but they have a few more things to devote themselves to, principally lying low and dealing with their own lives as best they can. This takes varying forms over the next couple of days with all of them performing upkeep on their projects and goals; Geesje Van Kuipers does a little preparation for transport and secures tickets on a coach for her and the rest for the 10th, and also taps up Fullica Atra about what is involved in creating specialised arrows, with alchemical silver, explosive powder and other possible loadouts; the Alchemist agrees to look into these as side projects, though not at the expense of her own work. Geesje also does some work at the Drunken Huntsman, telling Jollus that she shall return after dealing with some family matters.

Fullica is faced with 2 difficult conversations, one with her formidable boss Dahila Huytens to seek leave for a few days due to her rapidly changing circumstances, and the other, possibly more dangerous conversation with the equally formidable and considerably more menacing Brandt. Both conversations go better than expected to some extent with Dahila being surprised at Fullicas receiving of an Acquitants Coin, and agreeing with her protege that lying low for a little while may be a good idea; to this end she gives Fullica some written theory of her 2 useless assistants to work through whilst absent, and that ostensibly she shall be down as “Field-Work” for about 10 days, gathering samples and research from the countryside, makework and drudge that some assistants have to do from time to time. Dahila does indicate that it would be annoying for her to lose a useful and competent assistant at this point, and does advise her to be careful from the twin dangers of evil arcanists and also brutish and unpleasant Inquisitors like Vergyl Sklene.

Fullicas second conversation takes place in the evening of the 9th at the Cellar, where she meets up with her darkly charming yet ruthless contact Brandt. He’s present with his 2 senior henchmen The Lauzern Twins, and whilst being less than thrilled by the upcoming absence of his pet Alchemist, sets her to do the work now she was due to do later, which she does very well indeed (grace under pressure). His parting words, as he has the Twins escort her home in the wee small hours, leaves Fullica in little doubt that he feels this absence of hers is temporary, and resumption of her “obligations” will be expected before too long; the subtle hint of a threat is unmistakeable.

Skal Dreissel spends his time before the 10th doing some prep work for the upcoming Guild contract for the Lighthouse Towers, dropping in on Padron Baddros, and being about in The Petal House. He explains to Madame Sobrie Toroille that he and the others must take a small leave of absence to help Geesje deal with some important family matters, but that it is only a temporary thing, and they hope to be back in a few days. Madame Sobrie understands, and as it turns out, the enigmatic Korvuus is staying for a few days and is more than happy to keep an eye on the safety of the House. Skals meeting with Padron at that worthies home is next and shows that Padron, not being an adventurous sort, is less than pleased to be dragged into the machinations of the Society, and seems not to have slept much. Still, he has been doing some preliminary work, and has focused on that rather than his current predicament. He seems genuinely impressed and amazed by Skals fortitude and calmness in this situation; Skal just shrugs. Skal also pops in to see how Colonel Eloise Korvanis is doing with the ministrations of Calliszia Myinarra, and is surprised to see the good officer up and about, speedily recovered due to the extremely adept healing skills of the young lamed girl. The officer thanks him and his friends for their various ways of helping her, (also indicating she feels a special obligation to her nurse for some good advice) and says that although General Guy Xamander owes them a debt, she owes them as much and more. Skal shrugs again before leaving, being a man of few words.

Zeru Otxoa crafts some useful ammunition for his Dragon pistol, and as well as keeping his appointments with the thespians for his training (they even suggest he could get a small part in their next performance at Carlottas Fest Hall, such is his potential), he spends a little time talking with Korvuus, having an interesting conversation touching on a few useful things, namely that he shall guard Calliszia whilst they are gone. Korvuus also advises that Inquisitor Ruprecht Schalko is emotionally devastated and damaged from the revelations of the fate of his family, who died in the cowardly mishandling by a Heart Clergyman of a Plague outbreak in their home village many months ago whilst Schalko was away in the Saaltz Mountains losing his 2 other Acquitants (one of whom he was very close to) whilst averting a Necropolis level Catastrophe; furthermore, Schalkos wife and surviving child were shot under the Clergymans orders as they tried to approach the quarantine barricades for help, and that Peter Sondus’s family survived, one of the handful of people who survived the whole sorry mess. Korvuus does indicate that the Clergyman was whisked away before Schalko could get to him, and that his own fate was grim, being as it was actually Korvuus himself who sealed the fate of the fleeing Clergyman and his guards. Throughout this conversation, Zeru realises that the mysterious vagabond hates the Society more than any one person he has ever met. Zeru also learns from Korvuus about what has been happening about the Paladins within the Society, that they seem to be dwindling and resigning their Society commissions and going independent in a steady stream gradually turning into a flood of departures (see Paladins and Cavaliers in Accitaine for more on that). Lastly, he confirms that if the current Archimander of the Heart of the Society succeeds the ailing Lord High Protector in the highest role of power in the world, then the grip of the Society will tighten and very hard times will be coming for everyone.

On the eve of the 10th, the party spend their time wrapping up their preparations for what may be an interesting trip to the prospective new home of Geesjes family, unsure of what to expect, but fairly certain that if their previous experiences are to go by, adventure awaits…



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