A solitary, sad death...

Waiting for the belly of the beast

Jorik explains (in potted form) what the book said, and it’s a fairly downbeat apocalyptic series of discourses, prophecies and historical accounts on the doom of Humanity and the sins of the early Society. It also indicates that though humanity is doomed, there is a chance for the people and the world to be saved, revolving around something called “The Seed of Korvaio”, whilst also referencing “The 5 Pillars” and “The Time of the 6 Winged Angels”. The party look at one another and are unsure what it all means, but then they have other matters to attend to, for they have to prepare for their hunt for Roald Kestril, which will take them to the rather unpleasant (not to mention dangerous) undercity of the Traadsvecht, the region of the city given over to abattoirs, livestock markets, breweries, tanneries and other socially unacceptable industries and an appropriately foul and colourful sewer system to deal with the effluent and effluvium of such establishments.

They all continue their preparations in different ways, with Fullica Atra checking with the University to order replacement lab components after her explosive results from the other day before searching the library for plans of the Traadsvecht sewers systems under the Braster Slaughterhouse. Unsurprisingly the plans are missing, which offends the librarians immensely. The municipal councils turn up nothing either, and when Skal Dreissel checks with the Stonemason and Engineers Guilds records, their plans for that area are missing too. Skal doesn’t have a wasted journey, for he spends time speaking to workers of the sewer system who give him advice and stories (some apocryphal, some useful) about making your way in the sewers. Zeru spends the day checking with Erzbetta Slalek about her preparations for the equipment needed, and she shows him the various items and paraphernalia that they may need when below ground. Jorik spends time at The BegeerStraat Church speaking to Reverend Moebius Kolaak about what The Engelmann Prophecies means, and as the 2 talk, it becomes clear that Moebius is quite the student of the book as well as much religious esoterica. As to what the 6 Winged Angels are, Moebius informs him that it could be a reference to Solar Angels, the most powerful of Angelkind and reputed to be the right hand of the God. Moebius advises him to seek out members of The Kessavine Church of Korvaio, as the Cantabrian denomination of Korvaio worship are utterly distinct to the Society and the Non Afiliated and have in their religion a place of reverence set aside for the Saints and Angels of the God. Moebius also says that whatever the Seed of Korvaio is, there is a heretical and secretive order of the Society called the Order of the Seed who supposedly trace information and lore on the Seed (a dangerous task given they would be executed as heretics by their own Society) and finding one of their number might yield more information, but a dangerous path that would be for many reasons.

Jorik thinks and then remembers the Priest Rafassi Abatt who he spoke to about the Conclave, and he sends a message to him asking him to meet that evening in a fine Cantabrian eatery called the Silken Kite, an offer graciously received by the elderly cleric. Jorik decides to spend the rest of the day waiting and resting for his meeting.

Geesje Van Kuipers however has a much bleaker and more unpleasant day, for when she does to visit The Drunken Huntsman and her friend Jollus, she sees the shop is still closed and no signs of activity apart from some smoke trails from the living area chimney. Breaking in quietly, she is horrified to discover that Jollus has been brutally slain and spiked to a wall, and also now an Undead (a zombie as it turns out) who snarls and moans in trying to break free and attack her. She sadly puts him out of his misery and sees no signs of who did this and no tracks. She alerts the watch (and shows her Acquitant coin to avoid subsequent arrest) and heads to see Ardia ven Tuyko about matter os who would stand to gain the ownership of the shop since Jollus seemed to be alone and without family or inheritors. Ardia is saddened to hear of the death of Geesjes friend but says she shall investigate the matter of inheritance and if possible make a claim on Geesjes behalf. Geesje thanks her and departs back to The Petal House.

The day passes slowly as all but Jorik meet in the back room of the Petal House to discuss their progress on their hunt for Kestril (Jorik has a different evening and night ahead of him. more on that next time), and though the plans are missing for the sewers, their missing indicates that there must be something there that someone is trying to hide. The talk turns to the actual mission, and though they have Erzbeta onside, another could be useful, and after some discussion Geesje travels to the home of Ardia to ask the old Paladin if she would like to accompany. Ardia is more than happy to join, for once a Paladin, always a Paladin, and she advises that she just needs 1 hours notice to be ready for battle. Geesje thanks her greatly and departs back to the Petal House.

On the 26th of the Mid of Spring, 520 AC

The morning meal at the Petal House is interrupted by the appearance of a wild eyed and sleepless Jorik, who informs Skal, Zeru and Geesje in the back room out of earshot of the others that something terrible happened in the night; a patrol of 7 BegeerStraat Militia was mysteriously killed and animated as Zombies who marched back to the church and sought to gain entrance but were stopped, unable to cross into the churchyard. The poor people were just well meaning tradesfolk with an interest in civil pride (4 men, 3 women) and did not deserve such a bleak fate; the combined channeling of Moebius and Jorik destroyed the Undead, but it is clear that Jorik is upset and mystified by this turn of events.

Meanwhile, Fullica decides to check with her “contacts” and heads to the secret booze and drugs workshop owned by Brandt to see if he has access to maps of the sewers that they need. She encounters The Lauzern Twins who inform her (in their bizarre and unsettling way) that Brandt is busy elsewheres though they shall pass on her need to him. It appears, according to the Twins, that Brandt is pleased for the standard of alcohol and other illicit substances Fullica has supervised the creation of are proving popular with Brandts contacts and business partners. Fullica decides to pre empt any imminent interruption to her own affairs and spends the morning doing work and supervision on the bootleg and drug factory before leaving to the Petal House to check with the others.

The party decide that on the morning of the 27th (the next day) they shall move on the lair of Kestril, and for the afternoon they shall spend at Erzbetas getting used to and familiar with the equipment they shall be using on their mission. All attend, including Ardia, and the armoured suits they shall be wearing and the gas detecting equipment they shall use are demonstrated and then practised in. All know though, that the next time they don these trappings will be when they go hunting for a most dangerous foe indeed…


6 winged angels? Could this be a reference to Callisia?Is she going to develop wings? 6 of them? Wings? Angels? Perhaps this means that there are another 5 people like Callisia. If so, we better try to find them…

In the meantime, we have an arcanist to dispense of. No surprise that the maps are missing. But at least we are well-warned and well- equipped for the normal dangers of the sewers, But what of the un-natural dangers?…

A solitary, sad death...

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