The Praying Bird

A rapier of superlative balance and heft, it has a nice but practical basket hilt adorned with hawk motifs.

weapon (melee)

This weapon has a fine and supple blade and a basket hilt designed to look like a hawk taking flight, but all done in a tastefully understated manner. It has the makers mark as a crane backed by 3 crossed swords, located at the base of the blade. For most people its a +1 Rapier, but for anyone of any Good alignment it becomes a +2 Defending Rapier. It is a singularly beautiful weapon.


Forged 2 years ago by the reclusive swordsmith and duellist Kreutz ven Maaken, this blade was a commission for a mysterious man who paid the high asking fee in cash. It is an example of the wondrous skill and art Kreutz is capable of.

The Praying Bird

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