The Mischief Book

An unassuming book that on the cover appears to be a pleasant frothy novel of no consequence whatsoever.


This book is 8 inches by 10 inches and about 3 inches thick. It is bound in well worn green and brown leather and ostensibly states “The scenic delights of Vaarksburgenn; A travellers Digest” on its cover. Indeed, the first 20 pages are of a frothy yet interminably vacuous travelogue by a travelling merchant and bon vivant, however if one touches the right diagrams in the right order when one has made it to the end of the first chapter, the books true nature is hinted at.

It is a combination Alchemists Formula book, but as might be surmised by its curious and magical actions, it is also a grimoire for the more esoteric Arcane traditions of Wizardry. The book is divided into 4 sections, with the first being a number of Alchemical Formulae, the second being a grounding in Arcane theory, the third being an extensive guide on how to learn Draconic (a fiendishly complex language to be sure) and the fourth section being a small number of Wizard spells. The Alchemical Formulae within it are as follows;

1st: Ant Haul, Blend, Crafters Fortune, Disguise Self, Longshot, Recharge Innate Magic, Stone Fist and True Strike.
2nd: Alter Self, Bulls Strength, Bullet Shield, Cure Moderate Wounds, Darkvision, Lesser Restoration, Spider Climb.
3rd: Beast Shape 1, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Disease, Remove Curse.
4th: Cure Critical Wounds, Restoration, Death Ward

The Wizard spells within are basic, but there as a solid grounding in the Wizardly Arts;

Has all Cantrips for Wizards, theory for all Wizard Schools and the following Wizard Spells;
1st: Magic Missile, Charm Person, Mage Armour, Obscuring Mist, Identify.
2nd: Web, Continual Flame, Alter Self, Acid Arrow.


This book is very old, but in excellent condition, and appears to have been written in by many different hands over many many years. It is an unassuming book in appearance but it holds rare knowledge of an earlier time as well as more contemporary information.

It has been dubbed “The Mischief Book” due to the large number of humorous and irreverent annotations, doodles and margin notes written by previous owners, lampooning the Society of Harmony, certain historic figures of great renown and also offering notes and hints on how to manipulate the system. The most recent sets of handwriting are especially scathing of the Society, Varrunnan politics since the death of the Dowager Queen and a wide range of Sarroyan social ills.

The Mischief Book

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