The Hydra Pistol

A 2 barrelled pistol with lovely artwork, having fine filigree and carving work; its balance is delightful.

weapon (ranged)

A Masterworked double barrelled pistol, with the following stats.

Dmg=1d8. Critical=*4. Range=25 feet. Misfire=1-2 (5 feet). Capacity=2. Weight=5 lbs.

It has +1 to hit from being Masterworked, but also has an additional +1 to hit so long as the weapon is not in a broken condition, due to its superb balance and a clever sight arrangement on both barrels.


Crafted by the esteemed gunsmith Maszko Harnako in Casseza, it was stolen from his establishment and has since changed hands a number of times over the last few years, normally violently. It elicits coos of awe and appreciation from all, and any Gunslinger or other favourer of a good firearm is likely to want it. Might explain why it changes hands so often.

Its most recent owner is the Gunslinger and general miscreant Rosza ila savo Szaszine, who departed with it for parts unknown.

The Hydra Pistol

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