Bitter Moon

A 2 bitted battleaxe of Amarkachan design, made of cold wrought iron and many carvings and engravings along the blade.

weapon (melee)

A +1 Cold Iron Keen Battleaxe, as a swift action the wielder can change one of the heads to become a warhammer head. It also has a spike projecting from the head of the weapon for stabbing purposes. Its haft is of Amarkachan Oak and has some kind of wire wound along the haft for strengthening purposes. It can be used easily one or 2 handed.


Taken from the body of a brave Amarkachan warrior slain in personal combat by General Guy Xamander as a younger man in the Bleak Crusade withdrawal, he kept it as a trophy to remind himself of the folly of the Society trying to conquer the Amarkachan lands and its people. He has gifted it to the hero Skal Dreissel in the hopes that this formidable weapon can do some good in fighting the evil, and he hopes that perhaps somewhere in the afterlife, a young barbarian warrior would approve of it being wielded once more by a kinsman against an evil foe.

Bitter Moon

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