• "Soldiers Friend"

    "Soldiers Friend"

    A basket hilted sword with a well worn pommel and a good balanced heft to it.
  • Bitter Moon

    Bitter Moon

    A 2 bitted battleaxe of Amarkachan design, made of cold wrought iron and many carvings and engravings along the blade.
  • Bright Raptor

    Bright Raptor

    An airship with a figurehead of an eagle taking flight. Its lift-canopy bag is blue in colour and its hull is of an old converted sloop.
  • Karbeen


    A shortened musket with a larger bore as a result, this well balanced and compact weapon is obviously well made and well cared for.
  • The Engelmann Prophecies

    The Engelmann Prophecies

    A handwritten book, in a plain and unexciting cover...
  • The Hydra Pistol

    The Hydra Pistol

    A 2 barrelled pistol with lovely artwork, having fine filigree and carving work; its balance is delightful.
  • The Mischief Book

    The Mischief Book

    An unassuming book that on the cover appears to be a pleasant frothy novel of no consequence whatsoever.
  • The Praying Bird

    The Praying Bird

    A rapier of superlative balance and heft, it has a nice but practical basket hilt adorned with hawk motifs.
  • The Silver Storm of Birds

    The Silver Storm of Birds

    A small solid silver figurine of a bird, possibly a raptor of some kind. Its detail is exquisite, and seems old.
  • The Verses of Life and Glory Everlasting

    The Verses of Life and Glory Everlasting

    A large book, bound in creamy white leather with Old Kessavine writing on the front stating its title.
  • Uttarns Armour

    Uttarns Armour

    A suit of Full Plate, well made and very cool to the touch.
  • Uttarns Sword

    Uttarns Sword

    A slightly curved and heavy cavalry sabre, basket hilted possessed of a cool feel and a coldly glittering blade.