Vulkir Haaskirden

A well shaped nose, strong clear brown eyes and cascading waves of hair framing his splendid cheekbones. Strong shoulders, broad chest and an alert set to his stance. Masculine perfection.


Whether in his breastplate and everyday coat and boots, or whether girt for war in his Hand Full Plate armour, this soldier in service to Korvaio and the Society of harmony (in that order, if you please sir) is the perfect vision of what the Hand wishes its soldiery to appear as. He bears his basket hilted sword on his hip and also a pistol tucked into the Martyr Sash he bears about his waist.

Update: Now a Paladin in the Sworn of the Goddess, he has forsaken all ties to the Society and more earnest in his faith in the Goddess than that of Korvaio, for he, like all who pray to her, can hear her voice and feel her presence. He mourns Korvaio as all Paladins and the faithful do, but they are now dedicated to their deity.


Born as a younger son of a minor well to do gentry family in Treest, it always seemed a foregone conclusion that young Vulkir would go on to serve in the Clergy in some capacity; what is unusual is that the young man was so eager and earnest to embrace this role in a way few second and third sons and daughters are. At the age of 18 he graduated as one of the youngest Paladins in the Society at the Treest Seminary, and at the age of 22 he seemed to have a bright career in the Hand ahead of him, except for his inclination to being fair to everyone about him, both Society and non Society; this ingenuous manner and approach to life was awkward to his then superiors, for whilst a good soldier in the Hand obeys all orders without question, Paladins have their own moral compass, even in the Society.

Eye rolling of his superiors aside, he lived the life of a Paladin wholeheartedly and with scant regard for what others may have thought, for whilst Law and obedience are good things, they are secondary to decency and justice, without compromise. Just as well he didn’t mind sentry duty and other menial tasks, for he had to endure a lot of that in his time. Now, he is a dedicated member of the Sworn and amongst his peers and fellow Sworn, he feels like he belongs completely.

He had some allies and admirers within the local Society and beyond, but few of any seniority and even fewer who cared to be open about it. He does greatly enjoy the performing arts and can often be found off duty at theatres, performing halls and admiring street performers. He’s known to some of the more clued up urchins as a soft touch for begging coppers and the odd silver from, though no mug when it comes to pickpocketing.

In short, he’d be a caricature if it wasn’t for the fact that he was such a decent person with it.

Vulkir Haaskirden

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