Vergyl Sklene

Tall, looming and powerful, his hair is thinning but his eyes are like glittering flints in his pockmarked face. His toothy smile never reaches his eyes.


He bears a fine seeming sword at his waist, carries a brace of expensive looking pistols and cuts quite the majestic figure in his high boots and long coat. Sometimes wears a showy and expensive breastplate over his coat to cut an impressive dash, as well as defend against heretical and filthy critics.


In fine looking clothing, he wears a fashionable black long wig with a tricorn hat over it.

Bluff, loud and quite the showman, Vergyl is renowned amongst certain parts of the Society as a man on the move, competent, dedicated and very efficient. Amongst other smaller parts (the ones that Ruprecht Schalko moves in for example) he is regarded as a brute, a bully and a hammer when a rapier would suffice. He seems to profit greatly from his enthusiastic works, and a number of wealthy citizens donate heavily to the Society’s cause (starting with him) due to his zeal. Certainly, his public showtrials of the guilty are quite the thing to witness as triumphs of salacious entertainment, if sometimes equal depths of arbitrary justice and circumstantial evidence; indeed, he may have executed innocents here and there, but his immediate superiors and supporters in the Eye seem to think this a sadly unavoidable part of the job and they like his methods and results thus far. His Acquitants (he has at least 10) go well armed and maintained, and seem to share some of his zealous tendencies as well as some of his wealth; all are a parcel of rogues is the view of more than a few.

In short, he’s a colossal swine, but a very, very dangerous one, and absolutely nowhere near as foolish as some of his critics would have you believe; those eyes are clever and sharp, and its a grave error to underestimate him and the deeds he is capable of.

Vergyl Sklene

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