Tisiphoni Bissara

A sleek beautiful clockwork statue of a woman, burnished bronze, steel, adamantium and mithral. Its eyes are lambent pools of blue energy, and it moves with graceful functionality.


This construct of clockwork and magic is a formidable piece of engineering, all the more for the fact it is sentient and wields no little amount of magical power. It stands about 6 foot tall but weighs in at 350 pounds in weight. Enormously strong, magically powerful and implacable, this figure is a beautiful creation and also a beautiful terror if aroused to hostility.


In life the faithful servant and lover of the Wizard Kellestine, Tisiphoni Bissara was a Wizard of no small power herself. Kellestine was devoted to her, and made sure that in secret, should Tisi (as she called her) die, a secret contingency spell would be enacted and place her soul into the construct she is now housed in; this was done to buy time for Kellestine to find a way to bring back her love, but due to Kellestines madness and subsequent death by Comatko her traitorous apprentice, Kellestine died first and her soul went on to the next life without thinking to change the spell. Now, Tisi is the “Queen” of sorts over the Clockworks and the Constructs of the Isle, and due to some mischief by the Incubus Mallad’Fal had become unwound and powered down. When the party aided Fix the Servitor in recovering the Control Rod and restoring it to Tisi, she has been restored and become, for now, an ally against the forces arrayed against them.

Tisiphoni Bissara

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