The Lauzern Twins

Identical twins in fashionable yet practical clothes, this pair of blue eyed and blonde haired siblings are pretty and pretty dangerous.


Raal and Sira are known colloquially as The Lauzern Twins, and to be the criminal Brandt’s most trusted and dangerous henchmen.

Raal Lauzern is a tall and lean man with long blonde hair and almost angelic blue eyes. He goes clad in a good quality frock coat, tight britches and high boots, with a mail shirt under his underjacket. He has a basket hilted longsword at his waist, a pistol in his belt and a pair of daggers in his boots, and is the obvious muscle of the pair. He’s the fighter, for sure.

Sira Lauzern is also fashionably dressed in a long dress, studded leather jerkin that meshes stylishly with her coat, and it can be observed that she wears high boots under her skirts. She often goes with a muff that her hands rest in (a pair of coat pistols are holstered within), a rapier, and undoubtedly more hidden weapons about her person.


Little is known of the Lauzern Twins, but what is known unsettles people, for they are identical twins in outlook, mannerisms and speech as well as physical appearance. They often speak together as one, finish each others sentences and seem to intuit one anothers wishes. Brandt owes a lot of his success to their competent and unfussy work ethic, and if they turn up unannounced it’s a fair bet for most that it’s going to be fatal trouble.

They fight as a pair in perfect synchronicity like a strange ballet, and all that can be gleaned from observing them is to each other, there is nothing more important in all of creation, and their undertone of incestuous closeness is odd and strange to most who meet them.

They like to play Cats Cradle and a variety of hand clapping games like Splitfinger and Drop, and it is an amazing sight to see their perfect understanding and empathy in action.

The Lauzern Twins

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