Of medium height and lean build, this quiet young man moves like a dancer or acrobat, but with the added sense of restrained and disciplined menace. His dark hair and blue eyes would help make him handsome, if not for the aura of violence he projects.


His coat is loose fitting on his frame, his breeches are a little baggy as well, and his soft soled ankle boots are a little unusual, but there is no mistaking the lithe manner in which this predator moves, nor the cruel half smile that plays about his lips and crinkles the corner of cold and empty eyes. He bears no weapon save a bandoleer that drapes across his shoulder that holds 6 throwing stars.


Little is known about Inquisitor Sklenes right hand man, save that he is a dangerous young man who eschews standard weapons in favour of his brutal physical attacks and his deftly thrown throwing stars. He talks with a Varun accent in the moments when he deigns to speak.

He is like Sklenes personal attack dog and will do whatever he is ordered, in a manner both efficient and also cruel.


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