Skal Dreissel

6' 9" of muscle and sinew and bad attitude


A youth, but with a powerful, solid build, Skal stands a clear head above most men. His grey eyes carefully survey all they see, but there is something behind them which is unsettling to many. For Skal is a Barbarian from the northern lands known as Amarkacha. This ensures plenty of negative reactions as the Amarkachan are known to be heretics and savages, and the best you can wish for is an early death.

Close cropped (self-shaved?) black hair tops the 6’9" tall framework of weathered flesh and bone which is clad in leather armour. A bandolier containing most of his worldly possessions crosses his burly chest, and a short sword hangs at his side.


Taken by the Schwereinn during the massacre of an Amarkachan border village and tried to be brought up as one of their own, Skal developed into a sullen and withdrawn young man with unpredictable temper-tantrums. Due to his size and strength he was trained as a stone-mason, as well as in the obvious and pre-requisite soldierly duties of any border town.

However, once he was old enough to be considered a man, Skal began his own journey of discovery. First he went into the Amarkachan territories in order to join what he felt to be his own kind. Sadly he was spurned by them as being “too civilised”. Skal continues his journey to find some sort of belonging by now heading towards Heidelgard City…

Skal Dreissel

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