Rhi Dol Nisii

A short wiry woman with tangled and braided reddish gold hair and an unreadable deep set stare.


She stands 5 foot 3 inches tall and her slight wiry frame makes her seem smaller. Her deeply tanned face is lean and makes one think of wolf for some reason. Her clothing is cured hides and leathers, perhaps self made, and she has several weapons about her person.

Her compound shortbow is superbly made and her arrows are unusual, in that they are wickedly sharp and jagged flint tipped creations. Her longspear is also tipped with a head of vicious looking flint and seems like a cross between a spear and a lance. Her tomahawk is made of some unusual stone and wood, and she has a flint dagger as well.

Her leather, wood and hide pack is also rough yet functional, and a number of fetishes pouches and focii festoon her person.


She’s one of the few Nisii tribesfolk who managed to escape the aftermath of the Battle of High Falls River. She was only an infant at the time, and it was her father who bore her away as her mother died in the massacre. She grew to girlhood, split between the forest and the Llamish settlement, raised on tales of the evil of the Society and has an impassioned hatred of them, and a great distrust of outlanders. She left home finally in her mid teens for the wilds, disillusioned by what her people had been reduced to, and ever since has become closer to the land and it’s animals and if rumour is to be believed, the Fey, though she still returns to the locale to see her father. She wages her own personal war against the invaders and she has become a loathed yet feared nemesis of the Society and its allies.

She is regarded as a folk hero to most of the Lhamish, and occupies a social level accorded to powerful Shamans.

Rhi Dol Nisii

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