Rallyta Scavarius

A short swarthy minx with dirty blonde dreadlocks tied back and a puckish smile.


At 5 foot 3 inches tall and a slight build, this pretty young seeming rogue seems lively and more than a little mischievous. She has a Puyaq (Cantabrian slightly curved shortsword) sheathed across her back and also 2 daggers , one in her right boot and the other at the small of her back with the hilt pointing left. Her back pack and pouches are many and well made, and her armour is a sleek looking leather of excellent quality and wear. She seems ready for anything with a belt full of pouches, purses and waterproofed boxes.


A career recidivist from Cantabrius, she has been freed under license to aid the Pillars in their tasks, something that her distinct skillset is well suited for.

She is a non violent criminal, preferring to avoid hurting her marks but she will fight in earnest if her life is threatened.

Rallyta Scavarius

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