Princess Rinatta Marie Vigerhen

Tall for a woman, with long blond hair in the half braid style and clear blue eyes, this porcelain skinned woman is quite beautiful, and a mischievous smile on her lips.


Tall at 5 foot ten, athletic and either in hard wearing hunting and riding clothes or high fashion dresses and gowns, Princess Rinatta cuts quite the figure at any given moment.


The action loving Princess of the Realm, Rinatta is a known appreciator of hunting and falconry, and is reputed to be a good shot with bow, crossbow and musket (to the despair of her mother and amusement of her father). She is a tomboy who is also at home wearing high fashion, and indeed is a fashion icon for many of the young ladies who do whatever they can to emulate her style. She likes to dress in blues and greens, though would make a jute sack look better by wearing it.

She is credited with being the Patron of the Salozan Opera House and other charitable concerns throughout the city.

Princess Rinatta Marie Vigerhen

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