Nemue Saltax

Tall and strongly built, this wild looking young lass has the dramatic features of an Amarkachan, but the colouring of a Heidelen.


Just over 6 foot tall, with a strong heft to her shoulders and reddish blonde hair, this grey eyed young woman is still in her teens but has hardened hands and forearms used to work, and a gaze that sees much with little blinking. Her features are very angular and dramatic like an Amarkachan, but slightly softened by her Heidelen mother.


The youngest daughter of Kronj and Talia (and so the second youngest a year older than her brother Taarn), she works hard and keeps her own council. Avoided and feared by most of the township of Duiksbraal, she is strongly built but lacks the undercurrent of violence of her brothers and sisters.

Nemue Saltax

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