Markus Joebling

A stocky man of medium height with close cropped blonde hair, hardlined face and steel grey eyes.


He is clad in a breastplate over his coat, with a hand painted symbol of the Goddess over his heart. His clerical cravat shows his devotion and vocation, as does the multitude of weapons he has about his person. His walk is more of a march, and his gaze is direct with no room for doubt or diversion, and his voice is the clipped tones of a Confederation native.


Markus Joebling hails from the Confederation fortress city of Sentzgraad where he was born and also schooled, originally in the Faith of Korvaio but now he has wholeheartedly adjusted to the worship of the emergent Goddess Calliszia. He fought bravely and determinedly against the Undead hordes at the Siege of Heidelgard, and many citizens owe their lives to his steadfast courage and limitless compassion. Now he is a keen and stolid aide to the Pillars of Calliszia, and will do his utmost to see them succeed and honour their shared faith.

Markus Joebling

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