Madame Sobrie Toroille

A buxom brunette with long curling hair and hazel eyes, this woman has a knowing air of guile and wit about her, and her voice is a seductive Sarrine accent when she talks.


Wearing a decent dress and shoes, though ones slightly out of fashion and discretely patched in places, this woman seems a cut above the rank and file commoners, and indeed her voice is that of a Serroyan, with pleasing rolling vowel sounds kissed by velvet. She has some items of pleasant costume jewellery, though discretely worn.


Few know the background of Madame Toroille and where she comes from, but most knew her now, as the one time proprietress and Madame of the Petal House down Scriveners Street in Heidelgard.

She arrived from parts unknown (assumed Serroya) some 15 years ago and started as a working girl at Madame Roosztens Flophouse (an old brothel now destroyed by fire). How she has managed is unknown, but she managed to earn enough coin to take over and rename the Petal House within 5 years, and for the last 10 had been a fixture of the local scene.

She treats her working girls and boys well, makes sure they stay off the grog and various drugs available and makes sure to keep back some funds for them and their retirement, something rare to see in a Madame.

She is still a striking woman and admired by more than a few, but she stopped selling her own self within a couple of years of gaining the Petal House.

Nowadays she has relocated to the Confederations City of Blackwater and opened a new brothel and inn, named The House of Petals and Buds.

Madame Sobrie Toroille

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