Lord Korsin Maas

A tall and strong built man with a cruel caste to his handsome features, dark hair long and eyes as cold and unreadable as granite.


His clothing is rich and leaves one in no doubt as to the station of the wearer, undoubtedly the intention. He prominently wears the brooch of a Cavalier of the Order of the Cockatrice along with other rich awards, and he bears a master-worked sword at his side, the pommel and hilt set with gems and inlaid with gold and silver. He appears to be in his 40’s, and has the manner of one used to being obeyed.

Accompanied at all times by 4 bodyguards in good livery and discrete mail shirts with a couple of flunky servants in obsequious attendance.


The Lord of Aabsbergen and a number of other lesser properties, Lord Korsin Maas is a man of wealth and taste. He is also a member of the Heidelgard Chapter of the Order of the Cockatrice (a family tradition) and a man who recently ascended to Parliamentary Office within the Party for Prosperity.

His family had a strong legal claim upon the lands and chattels of Geesje Van Kuipers family, and it was for this reason that the Midlander lass had travelled to cross swords (metaphorically for now) with him.

He gave up his claim on those lands and lost the holding of The Township of Duiksbraal as a result of the party’s interference and revelations of the mischief of his grandfather.

Lord Korsin Maas

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