Laeo Tannhauser

A tall lean man with brown hair, grey eyes and a pair of grey feathered wings growing from his back,


Clad in superb artisans clothing and a belt of pouches, boxes and other such storage items, this man is clearly an Alchemist, including his stained lips and fingers. He bears a dagger at his waist but no other obvious weapon. He has a pair of dark grey feathered wings that project from his shoulder blades, likely as a result of advanced Alchemical dealings.

The man is distant and aloof from people and whilst not aggressive or hostile, is unwilling to join humanity again.


The Originator and Father of Alchemy, Laeo Tannhauser is a legend in Accitaine, and practically deified by the Alumni of Kaastig University (that he founded) and all Alchemists. Little is known of the man due to the passage of years, other than his undoubted genius.

Laeo Tannhauser

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