Jalako Vin Taarlo

A tall and lean man with shoulder length blonde hair, lean handsome and angular features and amazing cheekbones; his dark eyes twinkle and his lips seem drawn into a perpetual half smile, like only he knows the killing joke.


Dressed well in long frock coat with waistcoat and open shirt, skin-tight breeches and high boots, this raffish individual never seems short of a drink or, given his incredibly attractive beauty and charisma, a pretty young thing or two on his arm. He has a sword on his left hip and a pistol tucked into his expensive gold picked waist-sash, but it seems likely that he may miss if he ever drew and fired it, given his semi permanent state of inebriation.


A gadabout town and sometime rake, Jalako is a figure who manages to turn up at some excellent parties and has a scurrilous reputation with the ladies. A man of mystery to be sure, but he does make for exceedingly good entertainment value and if it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing.

As it turned out Jalako was anything but a semi harmless rake. He is a Vampire and if to be believed, the original Vampire and originator of that kind of undead. This would make him Aathuur Shikkori, the great and legendary tyrant of the Human Kingdom Veldtspaur (once located far to the West of Accitaine. Shikkori, so legend had it was ended a few hundred years before the Cataclysm and his kindred either destroyed or scattered to the 4 winds. If he is indeed Shikkori, then there is a great threat still abroad in the world.

On a lighter note, he is seemingly immune to the First and its agents, and if anything sympathetic to the plight of humanity (if only because a mans got to eat, as it were). An ally most likely, but not one to bet your house on.

Jalako Vin Taarlo

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