Erzbetta Slalek

Shoulder length blonde hair, with an athletic medium build, open expressive features and emerald green eyes, this woman gives off a competent and relaxed aura of confidence.


With her pleasant features occasionally smeared in soot or oils, her hair often bound up in a tail and her calloused and strong fingers, she is few peoples idea of a genteel lady, and coupled with the well made leather armour/clothing she wears, they’d likely be right. She’s armed with a couple of Masterwork daggers, a Masterwork short-sword and a well balanced light hammer, though it is her 2 firearms that are worthy of note, with one being a finely crafted pistol and the other being an unusual yet equally well made musket, one that appears shorter in the barrel than a conventional long-arm though handier to move in confined spaces and with a larger calibre of shot.

She has a superbly made backpack across her back, and her armour is fitted with numerous straps, pouches and pockets for holding a wide variety of accoutrements that help her in her numerous endeavours.


Describing herself as an inventor and engineer at large, Erbetta is a cheery character that breezes through life, always looking for a new way to improve something or create. She has taken a profound interest in fire-arms and has created her own kind of musket (patent logged), one that she calls “Karbeen”. She has also been approached by the Heidelen military regarding her theories and skills as a firearms inventor and the Karbeen model of firearm she has patented may become a more widespread creation, especially amongst mounted troops.

She also has a deep interest in flight, and likes to study birds and other flying beasts for clues and hints on “how they do it”. She is the proud owner and Captain of the Bright Raptor, a sloop sized airship and a staunch ally of the Pillars and Calliszia.

She was born to a prosperous mill owner and farmer in the Southerly regions of Heidelgard, and likes to send her parents and family updates on what she’s up to; given that she’s an adventurous sort, she deems it prudent to heavily vet a lot of what she says she does, for the sake of their nerves.

She likes to explore and investigate the world, looking for old antiquities and clues for how the ancients did things, and has quite a facility in rooting out lost things, like a proto-archaeologist. She did graduate from the Kaastig University, and holds diplomas granted from the School of Archaeology and History and also from the School of Engineering and Architecture. She dabbled with Alchemical studies and whilst competent, is in no way an Alchemist.

Her one weakness is that she does like a tipple, but seems blessed with a heroic constitution against the demon drink. She is also something of an amateur brewer, and likes to carry some samples of her efforts for her use, and to get the opinions of others.

Erzbetta Slalek

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