A black cat with grey stripes, violet eyes and a blaze of white fur on its chest.


With a long tail swishing to and fro, and its curious violet eyes regarding you intently, this cat seems unusual and more than a little alert.


Dapple is the Agathion Familiar of Belle Dordrenne, and a cheeky scamp he is. He loves his mistress very much, more so than a usual Mistress/Familiar relationship.

In his mistresses absence he has waited long and patiently in Serpents Bluff, hoping that a good and decent soul comes along who can aid him in his saving his mistress who he is still convinced lives, albeit trapped somewhere. He had a couple of dalliances with female cats in the early years after Belle’s disappearance, and as a result fathered litters of kittens who have in time become the dominant cat population of the city. As a result almost all cats in the city are now celestial tinged, with intelligence and a clannish pride like mentality. He tends to hang around the Rupkyn district and the Beekons area in the hopes that seekers for his mistresses stash might be the most likely to aid him, though all who have tried (and that isn’t many) have either been unskilled, been unpleasant or both. Hope springs eternal as his ever optimistic nature would have it.


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