Commorry Tenksmann

Medium of height and quite skinny, he has short clipped dark hair and a lined unshaven face out of which peer 2 watery blue eyes. His clothes are well worn and always slightly grubby.


His soft clothing and the quilted padded armour seem in serviceable condition though rather grubby and stained in parts. He carries a dagger at his waist but no other weapon.


A travelling tinker from some part of the Free Midland Duchies, Commorry is an institution in the backroad areas of Heidelgard and the Duchies, a bringer of small goods and a cutter of easy deals. He’s more honest than most tinkers, and his whole world is wrapped up in his wagon and his 2 long serving draft horses, named Buttercup and Daisy. He likes to make money and to collect acquaintances, for you never know when you need a friend or contact to help or be helped by. He makes enough to get by and a little more, but its his long lost of contacts that makes him feel that life is going along pretty well.

Commorry Tenksmann

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