Chagurh Xabo

A tall lean seeming man in Cassezan mercenary clothing; his gaunt and painfully thin features are unsettling but his eyes are like black holes peering into eternity.


Clad in the long slouch coat, leather breeches and high boots of a Cassezan mercenary and wearing a battered and floppy brimmed hat, this extremely thin figure is distinctive and his voice is a dusty exhalation, frightening in its whispering emptiness. He has 3 pistols on his person, with one on each hip and the third holstered across his chest.

The sound he makes as he walks is unnatural, with each echoing step sounding like toppling tombstones, but that is nothing compared to the sound of his pistols, which have a terrifying finality in their flat distant report. The firing of his third black pistol across his chest makes a monstrous sound like the end of hope.

It is not immediately apparent that he is Undead when at a distance, but within 20 feet it is clear that something is very wrong with him, and within 10 feet the overwhelming feeling that one should run screaming is almost impossible for most normal people to resist as his pitiless and infinite stare comes to rest upon you.


Slain in the famous Cassezan street battle known as both the Battle of Caxga Runxhao and the Stand of the Benevolent Twelve, with the Gunslingers Zeru Otxoa and Rosza ila savo Szaszine amongst the few who survived, Chagurh walks once more, a remorseless and seemingly unstoppable force of death. He still seems to have a semblance of the Way of the Gun in his actions and conduct, but any who insult or threaten him (and the qualifier for those conditions is slight) is a valid target and valid targets for him are in mortal peril. He had a few titles and nicknames, all dubbed by others, but The Black Whirlwind was one that was sometimes used; in truth, he cared nothing for what anyone thought to call him, and his own given name was a byword for fear, pitilessness and lethality.

Nobody was sure why he was the way he was, or what turned a man into such an incredibly ruthless and heartless killer, but all agreed that there had never been another Gunslinger or killer like him in the history of the Heel of Accitaine.

His last days were spent working alongside (NOT for) a Cassezan nobleman, and he died in an epic gun-battle against a number of Gunslingers known as the Benevolent Twelve, of which the only 2 to survive (though badly injured) were Zeru and Rosza.

After serving the First and its chief agent Aadza Karheizzen, The Black Whirlwind broke all ties with them due to the revelation that he was manipulated into becoming the deathless death giving revenant he now is by them secretly causing his wife and family to die. He now kills and destroys for his own unfathomable ends, seeming to target the Firsts plans in particular, though only a fool would think he was safe to deal with or that he had relented in his cold hated filled murderousness.

Chagurh Xabo

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