Bishop Hieronus Adelmar

Stolid and wide with a genial face and warm brown eyes, this shaven headed member of the cloth has large strong hands and projects an aura of extreme benevolence.


Every inch the Society Bishop, Hieronus Adelmar is strong looking and somewhat squat, with slow power in his movements. His voice is sonorous and warm, with his eyes resting over all he sees for brief moments. He carries no obvious weapons, but one feels he doesn’t need one to defend himself. His head is shaved as a mark of his asceticism, and he is always in his formal robes of office.


The most senior Bishop in Heidelgard and regarded by many as the right hand man (and unkindly described as the attack dog) of Cardinal Robus Truppmann (the more senior of the 2 Cardinals in Heidelgard), Bishop Adelmar is regarded by many as supremely capable and possessed of a truly formidable intellect and drive. His command of any situation is masterful and little transpires around him that he doesn’t allow or understand. His calming and easygoing authoritative manner makes some of the more junior Inquisitors envious, and he has never been known to lose his temper nor act in angry haste.

Bishop Hieronus Adelmar

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