Belle Dordrenne

Slender, with auburn hair and hazel-green eyes. Her fine narrow features are eye catching, as is the distinctly pointed shape of her ears.


Standing at 5’ 8" tall and slim, this woman is distinctive even before she speaks; her voice is smooth, crystal toned yet the words and mannerisms she uses are somewhat archaic. Her clothing is also somewhat archaic, with a white and blue forked knee length robe worn over a green sleeved and knee length undertunic. Her footwear are a pair of leather soled cloth boots with straps at the calves and ankles, and she has a hooded cloak of grey that is normally worn down unless the weather is wretched. Her auburn hair is braided away from her face and falls down past her shoulder-blades, again an antiquated style.

Her features are fine boned and for want of a better word elfin, and her ears rise to points, clearly showing her elven heritage.

She has a dagger at the baldric of her waist, along with a component pouch. She also has a small battered leather haversack over a shoulder.


Belle Leshanna Dordrenne is a Half-Elf. Her father was an Elven swordsman and adventurer merely known as Adurien, and her mother was Inger Dordrenne, merchant and matriarch of the famous Dordrenne dynasty.When her mother died from natural causes, Belle inherited all the family estate (she was an only child, as was her mother). For a time her magical creations both great and small remade her family fortune, but all changed when the nascent Society began its activities which started as persecution of non humans and magicians, then escalated to pogroms and finally extermination.

Her father was amongst the first to die, slain whilst defending other non humans, and Belle was forced to join in the struggle against the rise of religious and racial persecution. With the articulate and insidious Society turning even once trusted friends against the different and non human, Belle was left no alternative but to fight back in an attempt to save as many innocent lives as possible. All that was known of her fate was that she died whilst battling Society crusaders and clergyfolks, and until now, information on her life and person have been suppressed by the Society.

Her familiar is a Silvanshee Agathion named Dapple and the bond between them runs stronger than mere magic.

Belle Dordrenne

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