Ardia ven Tuyko

Well dressed in a fine dress with her greying blonde hair gathered in a chignon, this striking woman with pale skin and ice blue eyes walks with a cool level aura of command.


Though into her 50’s, this woman is still more than a little striking with her slight greying blonde hair and fine lines at the corner of her ice blue eyes merely adding to her attraction as well as her commanding presence. She wears fine clothes and when necessary her Barrister robes. She stands about 5 foot 7 and is slim but not skinny, with a very correct and poised deportment.


Ardia ven Tuyko is something of an institution amongst the barristers and lawyers of Heidelgard City, for she spent at least 15 years as a Hand Paladin travelling the land and beyond righting wrongs and upholding justice and law before quitting her role in the Society following an undisclosed disagreement with the organisation, so now she regards herself as a Non-Affiliated lay churchgoer and over the last 15 or so years has become a barrister specialising in defending the less fortunate and the wronged, with little interest in huge lawyers fees and plea bargains; this lady is all about the Justice as much as the Law. The Society for their part regards her warily, for she is a thorny character more than capable of defending herself from physical threats as well as spiritual threats (such as charges of heresy and suchlike), and her past service still stands her in good service with some influential members of the Society. She is a strong believer in the Laws of Heidelgard, believing them to be the best in mainland Accitaine.

Her rooms and offices are located in the UstKwarteer, with a lovely aspect overlooking the GreenSquare on OrchardPlass. There she receives petitioners, and has a small coterie of employees, numbering amongst others a receptionist, a housekeeper/cook, an investigator and a handyman/guard.

She is unmarried, the popular belief being she is either devoted to her vocation or “not the marrying kind” as it were; personally, she has little interest in what people think, though she despises poor manners in folks of all social levels, and likes politeness no matter how humble it is.

She may be in her 50’s, but she is still more than a match for a would be mugger or thug, and is known to still keep up with her martial past.

Ardia ven Tuyko

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