Weapons and war of Accitaine

The greatest undoubted changes in warfare and the matter of arms amongst the last of humanity has been the disappearance of arcane magic as weapon and the rise of gunpowder and the firearm. Expensive to own and acquire ammunition for compared to crossbows, it is the decisive weapon for most armies and militias, and musket and pike formations make up many of the formations for the military of many a nation and city.

Bows have long fell out of favour, though it is still enjoyed as both sporting toy for the wealthy and practical tool for hunters. The crossbow is still a weapon used and popular for those individuals and bodies to which the musket is neither practical nor affordable.

Regarding melee combat, swordsmanship is much esteemed, and it is a rare man or woman of arms who is without at least a shortsword. Other weapons like axes or maces still exist and are used, but often in the hands of militias, some forms of cavalry and some of the more barbarous peoples living in the northerly parts of the continent. Shields are comparatively rare in use, again by a number of northerly peoples and some forms of heavy cavalry.

Armour tends towards light and medium, with heavy armour being most often used for heavy cavalry and those on the battlefield deemed to vital to be brought low by a wayward musketball.

The firearms that are in common use are the pistol, the musket and the blunderbuss (cannons and bombards are used by armies and certain waterborne and skyborne vessels). The pistol and musket come in double barrelled forms too, but their great costs confine them to the wealthy and well heeled individual.

Weapon laws are light for the most part, though most town watches are wary about great armoured and heavily armed groups of adventurers tramping about and tend to watch such peoples activities with some degree of interest.

Unarmed combat is also advanced, with various schools and salons of martial arts in existence, and Monks are highly esteemed and much in demand.

Weapons and war of Accitaine

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