The Way of the Gun

The advent of Firearms as a man portable and useable weapon caused a number of sea changes in the way war and battle has been fought, but amongst a number of people of The Heel of Accitaine, especially those of Thurvish extraction it has given rise to a philosophy or code of conduct, known as The Way of the Gun; it is both an Honour code and a way of life to the Southern Gunslingers characterised by duelling forms, beliefs in the mystical power of Firearms and a certain kinship amongst its proponents, be they cheerful goodhearted rogues, black hearted villains and the great gamut that runs between.

Certain customs are held to be inviolate, namely the non killing of innocents (the definition of innocent can be flexible), never shooting a fellow devoted outside of a duel or battle in the back (in battle itself all is fair), respecting holy ground as a neutral and safe meeting place and observing the custom of the Xhima Mataxa (Peaceful Drink), a meeting between hostile Devoted of the Gun that is symbolised by alcohol at a table, where all who sit down are bound to peace for as long as the meeting continues and for 5 minutes before and after.

The Thurvish Devoted believe that the Gun was created at the will of Korvaio, and that each Gunslinger has a part of their soul imbued within their weapons, which explains why a true Gunslinger can do the things they do and others who just use Guns as tools cannot. A Gunslinger Devotee is expected to be brave, unconcerned with death and show a certain strut, passion and style in the way they fight and live their lives.

Many Devoted Gunslingers are superstitious and respectful of the Unseen World, and treat the strange with a degree more respect than others. Thurvish ancient Mysticism (like fortune tellers, Wise Women and Seers) is also connected with and appreciated by some who are Devoted to the Way of the Gun, but by no means all who follow the Way do.

Almost all who are Devoted are of the Heel, and all who follow are Gunslingers (or have levels of Gunslinger), for other classes seem to miss the point.

The Way of the Gun

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