The Petal House

The Petal House is a brothel located on Scriveners Street, on the Second Arterial Canalside on the border of The Docklands and SchaapsKwarteer. This makes for a busy thoroughfare, albeit one that sees mostly working commoners as its clientele, though it is occasionally sought out by the odd well heeled individual out slumming, or visiting sailors, mercenaries and adventurers.

It is a 2 floored building with ground and first floor, and the first floor as is customary for the neighbourhood has a balcony that runs along the length of the fronting; the working women and men who call the Petal House home often lean against the balcony rail and call out to passers by to elicit trade. It has a blue and pink painted fronting on it, normally a new lick of paint is slapped on once a year around springtime, it gently peeling off as the year goes by.

Inside, it is rowdy and noise filled, for it is also a local tavern for the people in the area. Performers are encouraged to entertain on the small stage, though being pelted with whatever comes to hand is the fate of those not interesting or skilled enough. A bar 20 feet long lies at the back wall with the doorway to the kitchen and backrooms visible beyond, and against the western wall, or to the left as one enters the place is the great stone fireplace. There are a number of tables, chairs and stools strewn around, and also there are 6 booth areas against the walls, allowing some degree of privacy to those who may need it.

It has some occasional incense sticks in braziers set in wall sconces that add some more pleasant smells that sometimes manage to stave off the smell from the street and canal outside, and a small number of copper and paper lanterns hang outside, shining blue and red lights upon the street.

The stairs opposite the fireplace lead up to the first floor and a balcony that looks down onto the room below wrapping around the upper level, and the rooms upstairs are divided into 2 rough areas; Madame Toroilles private quarters, always locked, and also the rooms where the working girls and boys both live and ply their trade. There is also a wing of 6 rooms set aside that people can rent as accommodations.

In all, there are 18 people employed currently by Madame Sobrie Toroille ; 3 barstaff (1 male and 2 female, none of which are prostitutes), 1 cook called Anton Hambrus (a clean and quiet man), 13 prostitutes, with the split currently being 10 women and 3 men and of late the resident Midwife and Physicker Calliszia Myinarra. Skal Dreissel is also resident and semi employed here as imposing muscle to deter troublemakers, with board and an unofficial security situation arranged with the Cassezan Gunslinger Zeru Otxoa and the Midlander archer Geesje Van Kuipers.

The Petal House

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