The Marcher Principalities

With Toralden to the North, Varrunna to the south, The Confederation of Free Towns to the west and the Eastern Sea to the east The Marcher Principalities is blessed with a prosperous coastline and a free trading relationship with its Confederation neighbours, but also cursed with sharing a border with 2 large and historically aggressive and bullying neighbours in the form of Toralden and Varrunna. Many Principalities, Duchies and suchlike make their home within the great expanse of the Principalities, and as well as fending off the aggressive actions of one another (for mercenaries do so love the Marchers), they have had to contend with expansionist tendencies from their larger neighbours.

The general terrain of the Principalities is flat and rolling plains, with the occasional dotted forest and woodland, but its north western areas are marshy fenland and the wetlands along the Varrunna border mirror that lands own terrain. Weather is wet compared to other places, though the north tends towards unpleasant rains and the south tends to be a little more humid.

Politically there are scores of Principalities and small nations that change alliances and loyalties quickly, and most do their best not to antagonize their neighbours, especially Toralden for it is ever quick to ride to war and its borders seem to creep further south with each generation. Varrunna has also traditionally been a problem for the Marchers but since the death of the Varrunnan Queen, more effort is expended internally in that great nation than externally, though the odd northern Count or noble still makes a claim on Marcher lands. There is some contact for the coastal Marchers with the various Kingdoms and Sea-Clans of the Easterly Isles, but they are wary of offending Varrunnan mercantile concerns with trade wars and disputes.

Unlike the Confederation, there is no Council or commonality between nation states here, and it is largely an external naming convention that calls it the Marcher Principalities; a person here identifies with their nation or city and thinks little of the term Marcher, though they understand how others apply it to them. Tradewise they have traditional crops they grow, though nowhere near as abundant as that which Heidelgard produces and there are some mines that produce coal, iron and other products, but never in huge amounts. Salt, especially from the north east is the main export and trade good here, along with fishing along the great coastline.

Militarily they are extremely varied, with a huge range of troop quality and equipment. The coastal towns seem to fare slightly better and have decent ship[s, for they have to safeguard against many threats from Sea_Clans of the Easterly Isles and especially from the occasional Amarkachan raiding fleet who tend to keep on going past Toraldens coast and hitting south when the mercurial mood takes them; these are bad times when they happen, for the mystic and elemental forces the Amarkachans command more than make up for the deficiency in technology.

In all, this region is occasionally war torn, strife filled with parts in constant flux; still, some parts are comparatively tranquil and the coastal areas are quite profitable and affluent, at least compared to the rest of the Principalities.

The Marcher Principalities

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