The Kessavine Church of Korvaio

Whilst the Society operates in much of mainland Accitaine as the dominant form of honouring and worshipping Korvaio (Schwereinn aside), the main obstacle to the Society gaining any measurable foothold in Cantabrius is the religious denomination known as The Kessavine Church of Korvaio, the original form of worship of Humanity’s patron hailing from the long lost Empire of Kessavaine. It functions now as it has before, more contemplative and focused on mysticism than the Society’s own rendition of the faith.

The Head of the Kessavine Church is called the Primardias Patriari (or Matriari on the occasions where a female heads the faith) and leads a loose council and organisation of Lesser Patriari and Matriari in matters of faith and administration. Whereas the alignment of the Society has become more Lawful Neutral over the centuries, the Primardiate of the Kessavine Church has remained largely Lawful Good, with strong elements of Neutral Good for some clerics. This comes from the more meditative reflective nature of this church which seems to the more ordered mindset of Society followers an abstract and intangible way of honouring the god.

Another key deviation of the Kessavine Church is the honouring of various Saints and Divine figures (various Deva’s and Angels for example), something that remains a sticking point of order and faith between the mainland and Cantabrius to this day. This has leant dangerously close to religious war in previous centuries between them, but the unwillingness of Heidelgard and Schwereinn to commit or assist in any such undertaking halted it from going any further than some mild skirmishes and regrettable but more easily overlooked incidents, and now a polite coolness lies between the 2 faiths.

Monks and Paladins are common amongst the Clerics of the Kessavine Church, and all are held as equally capable and righteous in their religious office, with them collectively known as the Holy Seekers of Korvaio. There are no incidences of Inquisitors ever being recruited or indeed needed within the Kessavine Church, and indeed they would fly in the face of the traditions and beliefs of the church.

Another very important sticking point with the Kessavine Church is that no official or scriptured sanction against the 3 Heresies exists, and they have refused to alter their own religious scriptures or texts to include them. Officially the Kessavine Church allows a small Society presence to exist within the borders of Cantabrius, but they have no followers of note or number other than the small number they bring, and they have no aid in chasing their targets, with the Kessavine Church apprehending any transgressors of the Heresies themselves. Whatever happens to the captured Arcanists, Heretics and InHumans is not made known to the Society, and any requests for information or queries are politely but firmly deflected and ignored. For example, a popular question might be “What do you do with your captured Heretics, Arcanists and InHumans?” to which the reply might be “Well, what do you do with yours?”, and when the Society responds with its usual litany of punishments and actions, is met with the Kessavine reply “Well, there you go then…”… This annoys the Society no end.

Holy Seekers and the various members of the Kessavine clergy wear comfortable and colourful clothes, often in red, green and gold, and seem to be more open and approachable than their mainland counterparts. Services feature chanting, incense and loudly sung prayers, with the 4 Leading Holy Seekers sitting at the centre of a circle of worshippers.

The Kessavine Church of Korvaio

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