The Continent of Accitaine and a general primer

Accitaine is a temperate continent with a climate akin to Europe, and is comprised of a number of nations (often called the 6 Great Nations), with a great many lesser principalities, duchies and city-states. It’s technology level is unusual, in that it has much that would be familiar to a person of mid 17th to mid 18th century Europe, with cobbled streets, proper glazing in windows, plumbing (for some at least), and most noticeably, firearms. Horse, sailship, canalboat and carriage are familiar forms of transport, but since its discovery over 80 years previously, airships have become a new form of transport, though one often restricted to the militaries of the land and also those rich enough to afford it.

Medical care has become as advanced as 18th century medicine, with the beginnings of germ theory and medical hygiene gathering (slow) support and credibility. This also backed by good knowledge of herbs and herbology, and some light healing is available from members of the clergy and others who have divine magic abilities, though resurrection and raising is no longer available.

Literacy is largely decent, though some nations are more literate than others, and there are universities and places of higher learning scattered in all major and some minor cities. Astronomy and the study of the heavens is non existent, for no stars are ever visible, and though there is daylight and night time, the sun and the moon have not been visible since the cataclysm.

There are no normal non humans known to live on Accitaine any more, with the last reputedly being a dwarf who died hundreds of years previously (almost all non humans fled Accitaine in supposed expectation of the arrival of the plague and likely land follow up by a vengeful Elven military).

The Continent of Accitaine and a general primer

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