The Bleak Twins

Located in the seas to the south west of the Accitainian mainland amidst waters well known for being treacherous lies 2 large islands close together, colloquially known by one and all as The Bleak Twins, but officially known as Kaldrin and Haikyar, named for characters from an old play from centuries ago. The islands are well named, for they are indeed bleak places, lashed by storms and mighty winds; attempts by any nation to settle there have been abandoned and chalked up to experience, for no crops seem to grow there, there is no game to hunt and the islands have come to be regarded as cursed, putting off any ideas of settling or colonisation.

The last attempt was made by a Varrunnan nobleman called Astio of Thrina, who led his House and followers there over 60 years ago; the great mystery is what happened to them, for the hundreds of people who went have never been found again, and few people (Society included) have shown any burning desire to find out. There have been a few half hearted efforts made, but all that was to be found were the wrecked remains of a couple of ships, a burned out and destroyed village/stockade and no living soul.

There does appear to be forestry on the island, largely wizened and battered trees, but much of the island is jagged rock and hilly terrain, and much of the coastline is treacherous with reefs, shoals and malicious seeming currents. The high winds are often of cyclone strength and the roll of thunder and flash of lightning is a commonplace occurrence.

The speculation as to why conditions are so hostile are oft debated by scientists, priests and pretty much anyone, with its proximity to the barrier if the world being a popular theory, but a lot more like to thrill themselves with the good old idea that it’s just plain haunted.

The Bleak Twins

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