Serpents Bluff

Serpents Bluff was formerly the main sea port of the Confederation of Free Towns and since it’s permanent Shunning be the Landsmaark that rules the Confederation it has become as benighted and forlorn place as has ever been known in modern times. The Shunning has closed off all official trade within the city and also banned travel to and from the city as well, trapping its citizens within an area starved of many goods, luxuries and even necessities. A population of 9000 in the past has shrunk to 6000 and likely will stop further, for much of it lies in a poor state of repair, with numerous ruined and fire damaged buildings visible from the outside.

Main landmarks of note are the KoenigsBeekon Lighthouse set on the highest point of the bluff at the Southernmost point of the city, and it still functions somehow (possibly to aid in the occasional smugglers approach at nightfall), though who runs it with the breakdown of affairs is anyones guess. There are 2 main dockland areas, the more sizeable Tremainn Docks used for bulk cargo (once) and also the Gallow Docks set against the eastern cliffs where smaller cargos and passengers disembark, using the once ingenious elevator platforms and lifts to achieve the city above. The once impressive Chambers of Coin and Commerce stand in the heart of the Main Commercial District, and there are also 5 different fortified buildings scattered throughout the main districts as locations where Township Watch and Township Militia were trained, quartered and operated from.

The most affluent areas of the city were the Rupkuyn (main commercial), Kargraad (Upper class, wealthy merchants and acclaimed artisans), Markolsburg (middle class and artisan status), the Sudden (pronounced Sooden and served as the Gallows Districts residences) and lastly the Huyken District (the seat of Government and the local Aristocracy).

The poor areas numbered 2, principally the Kennig District (poor housing and criminal element) and also the Feschsaands area, where the local fisher populace live and sail their boats from.

The township extends 3 miles from the walls and used to have a healthy amount of farmland and trees, but since the Shunning much of the land has run to seed, many trees have been felled for fuel and other purposes, now only the lands around the heavily defended Halgredd farmhouse are maintained and farmed, with fierce clashes with city folks and raiders a fairly regular occurrence.

The Shunning is maintained by Confederation forces from different towns, with several ships from Georgaston maintaining the naval blockade, and the landward perimeter currently utilising soldiers from Blackwater and Kerelsztein. After one smuggling airship did a supply run in the early stages of the Shunning, Blackwater was commissioned to build follow up airships to The Dream of Steel, and now a trio of fast and well armed airships called The Vigilance, The Gull and Iron Bird take it in turns to patrol the skies.

Serpents Bluff

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