Located on either bank of the Great Dardaas River and about 10 miles from the western coast of Accitaine, Heidelgard City is the capital of the Kingdom that bears the same name. Compared to the opulent grandiosity of Varrunna and the austere majesty of Tonnalta in Serroya it seems more low key and relaxed in its manner and dealings. A commercial city first and foremost, it is one of the key ports that trade with the island realm of Cantabrius to the north west. Its low hills and rolling fields also provide vast arable resources with apples and other orchard fruits, just as important as the wheat and barley fields that are a major feature of the countryside. Often called the breadbasket of the continent, it trades its produce heavily with other nations, duchies and principalities. It is also known for a highly regarded brandy called Seheerijn Red, a smoky flavoured and flavourful liqueur.

It is also the home of the Kaastig University, a centre for educational excellence with a slant much more on the “hard” sciences, and its Alchemists and teachers have done to much add to the prestige of this land.

A constitutional monarchy with the current Head of State being the elderly King Maximilian the Third, a sage and diffident seeming statesman. A Prime Minister is voted in every 5 years to act as the monarchs proxy, and though in theory the King rules, the true power rests with the ruling party of the time and the Cabinet called the Black Oak Table, of which the Prime Minister is the acknowledged leader. The right to vote is extended only to people of proven quality, either of the noble and gentrified classes, or the wealthy and educated; this means that only a third of the populace is eligible to vote, though most voters (let alone Members of the Glass Parliament) do observe the prevailing mood of the populace and occasionally acknowledge the concerns of the citizenry.

It has a carefully neutral stance regarding international relations, trying to avoid war and ill will, all the better to remain a good place to trade and do business; its greatest ally and friend is Cantabrius, and for the last 60 years since the signing of the Seaways Accord the 2 have been close friends. Relations with Serroya to its east have sometimes historically been strained however.

Militarily it has a reasonable army and navy, but decidedly given over to defence, lacking the manpower to realistically engage in aggressive wars; this is entirely intentional and well judged, to avoid any likelihood in being accused of warmongering (like a number of nations and realms do) or being regarded as an easy target. Their military is uniformed, with the common infantryman normally wearing light blue coats trimmed with white and yellow, and white trousers and black knee boots. The hat worn is a tricorn cloth affair but having a hard leather crown for protection. Cavalry tends towards a darker blue coat for the light brigades and actual armour with blue trim and enamel for the heavier troops. They have embraced most aspects of modern technology and have a well developed, trained and supplied artillery corps as well, and a small but well maintained airfleet of airships.

Regarding national character and stereotype, the average Heidelen is commonly depicted as a slow talking yet far from slow witted individual, possessed of a canny wisdom hidden by rustic mannerisms. Their language, called Heitzen, is quite slow sounding and deliberate to others, but deemed pleasant enough, though it is unlikely to supplant Serroyan as the language of romance and opera.


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