General flora and fauna

Much of Accitaine is covered in forest, with deciduous trees like oak and the like in the southern and central areas, and conifers in the middle and northerly areas. As technology advances and humanity grows in terms of populace and the needs of the populace, the trees and forests shrink, but slowly for now, with some more astute nations and city states starting to consider more organised and sustainable methods of logging and utilising the woodlands. Best crops grown are wheat, barley and oats, with rice largely coming from the moister lands of Varunna.

Domestically, cattle, goats, pigs and sheep are the greatest providers of meat, with cows and goats providing dairy needs. Horses, donkeys and ponies are raised, with horses from Toralden being especially prized. Fishing is popular on the coast, yielding fish, shellfish and the like, and some of the bigger rivers also give up things like trout and such.

Dogs and cats are popular as pets for some, though more often used as part of a persons trade, with many a home having a cat to keep down the rat and mouse population, and dogs being useful for shepherds, herders and other working folk.

Wolves, bears and boars are still a threat in more rural areas, and indeed other threats from other monster types occur in out of the way places; for example, a traveller in the Saaltz mountains might be horrified if not surprised to encounter a griffon, or a chimera, or indeed a wyvern. The same traveller (lucky fellow) travelling through some of the woodlands of the world, might find themselves encountering and likely fleeing such lovelies as giant spiders, owlbears, and ettercaps for example. A good rule of thumb is where humans are scarce, other things may live, though as some beasts can hunt people, it always pays to be careful when travelling.

Sadly, Undead also exist, though most often it may be ghosts, ghouls or other types in ruins or out of the way areas of ancient desolation; for this reason, battlefields are often avoided as bad luck, certainly ancient ones are.

The seas have sharks, dolphins, and whales within them, along with other wondrous and unusual inhabitants and one of the Society’s greatest achievements was to ensure that these things are not fished out of existence, as the famed Serroyan Philosopher Priest Etoine de Curiel gave a concise and eloquent speech on the matter to the Lord High Protector in the year 202 AC, pointing out that as the seas are deep and not infinite, neither are the resources within. Now as a result, every seagoing nation has signed accords on fishing and the working of the sea, making sure that animals are not fished or hunted to extinction.

Amarkacha however is a land of wild legend and terror, and with rumours of Linnorms, Dragons and other horrors, one could visit there and be killed and eaten by a wild and wide array of things long thought mere legend.

General flora and fauna

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