Entertainment and culture within Accitaine

The various forms of entertainment open and indulged in by the various peoples of Accitaine are many, and run the gamut from plebeian to cultured and all points in between. Music is a great source of pleasure for the people, with instruments like flutes, violins, brass instruments and within the last 100 years the rise of the piano and harpsichord. Stringed instruments tend towards harps, lutes and guitars, with the zither also being quite popular, albeit with the lower orders. Opera is appreciated by many, and other forms of singing have broad appeal.

Theatre is also enormously popular with it running the spectrum from tragedies, epic war and love stories and comedies to some approximating musicals; some of the comedy can be very biting and satirical with nobility, aristocrats, elected officials and more being the sly target of lampoon, though most (if not all) steer clear of mocking The Society of Harmony, and all avoid religious critique of Korvaio (there’s daring and then there is suicidal). Actors have become great celebrities, and those who can sing and also think on their feet have enormous respect and the adulation of the masses.

Literature has become more important over the centuries since the cataclysm, and poets and writers who are good enough can make a very steady and influential living and with the rise of newspapers and other journals, the role of journalist can result in surprising levels of influence. Art also flourishes, with painting, sculpture and architecture being much in evidence.

Sport is close to the hearts of all, with horse racing, various forms of athletics like footracing, boxing and the like amongst that enjoyed by the masses. Tennis is also popular, but one of the greatest sporting passions is the rough, boisterous and violent sport called Calidball, a team sport that resembles a riotous blend of football and rugby played between 2 teams of 15 people and often in front of large baying crowds. Most towns and cities in Accitaine have at least 2 or more teams, and within the last 40 years or so, a unified sporting body that coordinates championships and events.

Learning exists as a possible way for those less fortunate or noble to advance themselves, with a number of Universities (both secular as well as religious) thriving throughout the various cities and nations of the continent. Money is still important to allow this, but the truly gifted can acquire patronage from Universities and wealthy philanthropists.

Entertainment and culture within Accitaine

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