Carlottas Fest Hall

This music, drinking and entertainment venue is on SahkrenStraat in the SchaapsKwarteer, nearer the GaartenKwarteer boundary, and is in a lower class but decent area for it. A medium sized 3 story building, it provides many forms of entertainment from its decent sized stage, and it provides a wide variety of adequate alcohols and meals to its patrons, though it is a cabaret and variety show venue before all else. Carlotta Saalvi herself was a Varunnan emigre who settled in Heidelgard City some years ago, and recently passed away leaving it to her son Dattio Saalvi, who seems well versed enough on the intricacies of running such a venue. There is a reasonable turnover of acts, with some appearing on their spiral from greater heights and some passing through on their possible ascension; there are four house acts who are permanent residents for whatever reason, and they are as follows;

Max Kelling and his orchestra

Max is a long serving fixture of the music scene in the SchaapsKwarteer, and his orchestra numbers 10 players of various instruments from lutes, mandolins, flutes and many things in between. He himself is a multi-instrumentalist, playing a variety of instruments well, though it is his work on the violin that is his trademark. They’re good, and perhaps a little better than the venue merits, but he and his people seem happy with their position for now.

Renatta and her Performing wonders

Renatta has a troupe of 4 performing dogs that have a number of acrobatic and amusing routines, and often fills in the comic relief segments reliably. She does have quite the gift in animal training and instructing.

The Mathilda Dancers

5 dancing girls, prettier than they are good at dancing, though they please the crowds on most days with reasonably competent displays and performances.

The Thraiss Blessed Players

The stage name for Radolf Thraiss and Isolde Vaargo‘s band of actors, Radolf heads and is master of his band of 6 actors including himself and his wife Isolde. They’ve performed at much better venues in the past but these days their star was waned to the extent that they perform in Carlottas, though at least it is a steady income and they have board and lodging to boot within the establishment.

Other acts occur as well, with some outlandish acts seen, from sword-swallowers, fire breathers, escapologists and contortionists and more, though any act that passes whatever “rigorous” auditions with Dattio may venture on stage and try their luck.

Carlottas Fest Hall

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