Tag: Non-Afiliated Clergy


  • Reverend Moebius Kolaak

    One of the most senior non Society (or Non-afiliated) Clerics in Heidelgard City, he is respected by his fellows, and held in slightly less disdain by Clergy of the Heart than his peers. His charitable acts within the GaartenKwarteer are widely known and …

  • Jorik

    Large, blonde,and simple. People said I'd make a great priest someday, but I'd rather be drinking and whoring like a 20 copper a day mercenary. But, family duty calls.

  • Father Kyierst Varrsonn

    A strong opponent of The Society and a stronger opponent of evil, Father Kyierst leads a cadre of 3 other Schwerisch holyfolk, and first encounters the party in Heidelgard City for the Conclave. He is no nonsense and firmly believes that the only way to …