"Soldiers Friend"

A basket hilted sword with a well worn pommel and a good balanced heft to it.

weapon (melee)

This sword has a fine gleaming blade, double edged with a wicked point that still has a needle like point. It has a great solid feel in the hand, well balanced and the makers mark on the base of the blade reads (in Scherish) “Ikar dan Kruschkan, cenka kasz vegraddun” which translates loosely into Heitzen as “Ikar dan Kruschkan, to kill in vengeance”. It is likely that the blade has been refitted into the current hilt and pommel, but very well done for that.


This blade, found in the dank cellars of an illicit GaartenKwarteer bootleg drink, drugs and poison manufactory, has a more illustrious past than its current circumstances indicated. The maker, one Ikar dan Kruschkan, was a celebrated Schwereinnin swordsmith and duellist active in the years 240-275 AC, and one who had a gift in crafting swords, able to imbue them with magical power and sharpness despite his being no priest (and after several invasive star chamber trials, no Arcanist). This blade bears his motto and name, and though likely a minor piece of his art, a formidable example of the least of his creations. However it came to be in Heidelgard City so far from home is unknown, but the blade only speaks in blood and the swing of steel.

"Soldiers Friend"

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