A shortened musket with a larger bore as a result, this well balanced and compact weapon is obviously well made and well cared for.

weapon (ranged)

Stas are as follows for this Masterworked weapon
Dng=1d12. Critical=*4. Range=35 feet. Misfire=1-2 (5 feet). Capacity=1. Weight=9lbs

+1 to hit being masterworked, no penalties in using the weapon in close confined spaces, no penalties when used from horseback, no bayonet attachment possible.


Created by Erzbetta Slalek and also patented at the Kaastig University, this short musket (a musketoon is her naming of it) seems an odd choice for a Gunslinger, but for someone who spends a lot of time in confined spaces, it’s perfect for her. It packs a furious punch for its size, and is very robust in manufacture.


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