weapon (melee)

A long hilted longsword in an old style, with a crosspiece bearing the hawk taking flight symbolism of Korvaio. The blade is traced with many symbolic mantras and writings in Old Kessavine and another language unknown; the writing of this other language is flowing, beautiful and could be forgiven for thinking as random scrollwork.

It is a Cold Iron +2 Longsword, but in the hands of a Paladin of Korvaio it reveals itself as a +5 Holy Cold Iron longsword. There is more to it than that, but for now that is all that it appears to be. When wielded in battle by a Paladin, the writing along the blade blazes brightly and it makes a humming sound with every stroke and swing. In battle against evil, the humming is replaced with what sounds like whispering voices speaking in an unknown yet beautific language.


This blade is old, many hundreds of years old in fact and was borne by the pilgrim, Paladin and missionary Zakkaria bel Avida, one of the 5 Pilgrims who came to Accitaine from the Kessavine Empire 250 years or so before the Cataclysm; they were the first contact from that Empire to Accitaine and one might say the forerunners of the Kessavines who followed later and founded what would become Cantabrius. The blade was a symbol and also a tool to aid in showing the Accitainian the faith of Korvaio, and they were the ones to establish the faith in the land, building the first church in the township of Gaard, though following the sensibilities and building styles of the local people. Thus was the BegeerStraat Church founded.

The blade was used against wicked tribes and clans by Zakkaria and upon her death it was passed to a worthy successor. It was borne up until the times of the Cataclysm, for its unnamed wielder by that point hid it along with other treasures, perhaps to keep it safe from the rising Society. Since then it has sat in secret beneath the Church, perhaps waiting for the time when it can be used again.


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