Bright Raptor

An airship with a figurehead of an eagle taking flight. Its lift-canopy bag is blue in colour and its hull is of an old converted sloop.


At 80 feet long and a beam of 25 feet, this airship is on a smaller scale than many, but it seems sprightly in movement and also quicker than many others. It has 2 forward firing bow chaser light cannon, 1 single light cannon midships port and starboard, and also 4 swivel guns, 2 on the starboard and 2 on the port.

It requires a crew that has the pilot/helmsman, an Alchemical engine Monitor and 6 trimsmen/general crew, not counting the people who man the cannon and swivel guns.

It has cargo space for 15 tons, a galley, a head, dormitory that provides living and sleeping space for 40 (in double bunks), as well as a captains cabin, saloon/officers area, 6 officer cabins, bridge and an observatory position located atop the canopy, accessed by an external ladder.


Built and owned by the inventor, archaeologist and adventuress Erzbetta Slalek, this airship is at the disposal of her friends, the “5 Pillars of the Seed”, and it is her pride and joy. Built in the dockyards of Heidelgard City, it is rugged, enduring and versatile.

Bright Raptor

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