A short and athletic young woman, wearing economical flowing clothes, and always a mask that leaves only a pair of dark twinkling eyes visible.


Her clothing is either easy flowing clothes in sombre colours in a Cantabrian fashion, or when engaged in “business”, slim fitting muted tones of grey that seem to have armoured inserts of light metal and leather. Her visible weapons are a Puyaq (cultural curved shortsword and wickedly sharp), a dagger strapped to each limb, a belt with many pouches and bags attached and a bandolier across her shoulder. She also has a length of silk rope that runs around her waist as well, and her face is always covered, except for her eyes.

Her movements are unassuming and always controlled, and there is an air of stillness about her, so when she springs into action it is all the more shocking.


A member of the Avaristrato, “Wren” is one of 15 “Sisters” from the Clan that the Avaristrato are drawn from and which support them. She is quiet, with an air of subtle mischief in her dark eyes, and her voice is a pleasant low murmur, yet surprisingly clear.


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